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Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Video - All Clear DVC

Updated: Mar 15

Today, this video is going to show you how professional dryer vent cleaners clean dryer vents with what's known as the "rod and brush" method. This is by far the best method for cleaning dryer vents and will show you exactly what you can expect when one of our technicians comes to your home to do a cleaning. At All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning, we prefer the Nikro Dryer Vent Cleaning System. The "technician" in this video is Dan Millman, the owner of All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning. Dan will be cleaning a residential second story dryer vent from start to finish.

First, the technician will do a thorough dryer vent inspection. He does this by checking the airflow (cfm) and taking pictures inside the vent to see how much build up is present. Then, before any work is done, he will meet with the homeowner to discuss the findings.

If the homeowners wants him to proceed with the cleaning, the technician will bring his equipment into the laundry area. He will reposition the dryer so he has access to the dryer vent and install a dryer vent "Y" adapter. He will hook up and turn on the HEPA filtered vacuum and place a 4" nylon brush on the end of snap lock rod. The other end of the rod is then connected to a high powered drill which is then slowly fed into the "Y" adapter, adding additional rods to the length of the vent. As the rods spin, lint and debris are scrubbed from the inside of the dryer vent as loose lint is drawn into the vacuum. After the technician has scoured the whole pipe to the exit, he will then scrub it back in reverse, removing the snap lock rods one by one. The process is labor intensive, but relatively straightforward.

As a courtesy, the technician will also spot vacuum the walls and floor to get any loose lint that has collected behind the dryer and move the dryer back into location. He will turn the dryer and go to the exterior vent cover to verify sufficient air flow and take a final picture. After he loads his equipment, he will write up a sales receipt and process payment.

We highly recommend using a professional dryer duct cleaning service that uses this method which will ensure that your pipe is clean and clear. Other methods of cleaning dryer vents cannot thoroughly remove all the lint and can often times make the problem worse.

If you're interested in having your dryer vent cleaned using the "rod and brush" method, we would love to help! All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning offers this service exclusively in the Kansas City metro area

Give us a call at 816-877-9116 to schedule an appointment or book online today!


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