Our "no gouge" Policy for Commercial Customers

Because we are a small business, we understand how tough it can be to stay within budgets and control overhead costs. But these days, it seems standard practice for many service providers to automatically charge their commercial customers MORE for the exact same service they provide residential customers.


At All Clear DVC, we believe in an honest days pay for honest work. Basically, we aren't trying to retire early, compliments of your businesses' hard earned dollars! That's why All Clear has a "no gouge" policy in place. We believe it's good business for everyone to pay the same rate.


We play fair!

Some of Our Happy Commercial Customers!

Terms and conditions:  Rates for commercial service are calculated using the current residential rates listed on our services page. Please note that these rates may fluctuate over time. If you are interested in set pricing, service contracts are available.


Please call 816-877-9116 for more information.