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Moved Into A New Two Story Home & Your Clothes Aren't Drying? The Likely Reason WHY!

Updated: May 1

Just moved into your dream home, and laundry day isn't quite the dream you envisioned? You're running the dryer for what feels like hours, yet your clothes are still damp. If your dryer is located on the second floor of a relatively new house, the culprit might be a simple oversight during construction.

Owner, Dan Millman, holding a screen that was left in a rooftop dryer vent
Owner, Dan Millman, holding a screen that was left in a rooftop dryer vent

The Vent Screen Mystery

Many dryer vent covers on the outside of your house have a screen to prevent birds and critters from entering. However, during installation, builders often forget to remove this screen. This seemingly minor detail can wreak havoc on your drying cycle. Here's why:

  • Restricted Airflow: A screen on the exterior vent significantly reduces airflow. Proper clothes drying relies on hot, moist air being efficiently expelled from the dryer. A clogged vent, even with a screen, traps this moisture, hindering the drying process.

  • Longer Drying Times: With restricted airflow, your dryer has to work harder and longer to remove moisture from your clothes. This translates to higher energy bills and potential wear and tear on your appliance.

  • Safety Hazard: Lint build-up inside a clogged vent is a fire hazard. The International Building Code (IBC) specifically mandates the removal of screens in exterior dryer vent covers to prevent lint accumulation.

Solving the Damp Laundry Dilemma

The good news is this problem has a straightforward solution! Here's what you can do:

  • Check the Vent: Safely access your dryer vent on the roof. Look for a screen covering the exterior opening.

  • Remove the Screen: If a screen is present, carefully remove it. Be cautious of any sharp metal edges or debris that may fall out.

  • Consider a Vent Inspection: Don't feel like this is something you can handle? A professional dryer vent cleaning company can perform a thorough inspection and ensure optimal airflow.

Preventing Future Frustration

By taking these steps, you can transform your laundry day from a frustrating chore back to a smooth and efficient process. No more damp clothes, longer drying times, or unnecessary energy usage! Now, get back to enjoying your new home, one perfectly dried load at a time!

Happy Drying! Your Friends at All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning

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