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Signs Of A Dirty Dryer Vent - Explainer Video

Updated: Feb 2

"Did you know that most dryer manufacturers recommend that home dryer vents be inspected annually to prevent dangerous lint build up that can cause a dryer fire? That’s right! Neglecting your dryer vent can ultimately cause a house fire. But did you know there are usually a few common tell-tale signs that will tell you when your dryer vent is clogged?

For example....Are your clothes taking longer to dry or do they smell musty?

Does your dryer feel unusually hot or do you smell a burning smell?

Is your dryer kicking off mid cycle or has your thermal switch recently gone out?

Is there little or no air coming out of the exterior dryer vent cover?

If you said yes to any or all of these questions, it's time to get it cleaned!

Besides giving you piece of mind, there are other great reasons to clean your dryer vent that you might not have thought of like discouraging mold growth mold, extending the life of your dryer, and saving on your electricity bill!

To have this service done right, you'll need to find a company you can trust and that's where we come in! Just check out our online reviews to see what customers are saying about us. We think you'll like what you read, because at All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. So get in touch with our friendly team today!"


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