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Protect Yourself From Deceptive Offers on Social Media!

Updated: Mar 15

Protect yourself from deceptive offers on social media.

While online scams are prevalent, even home maintenance can become a target. Duct cleaning scams, often disguised as attractive deals, can appear on platforms like Facebook. These misleading posts exploit homeowners searching for affordable services. These scams are prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Identifying Red Flags:

  • Unbelievable Discounts: Posts offering excessively cheap duct cleaning, like "whole-house cleaning for $89," are likely scams. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Generic Wording: Be wary of posts with generic language like "special offer" or "limited time only." They often lack specific details about the company or service.

  • Suspicious Images and Videos: Scammers often reuse unrelated images and videos across various posts, making them appear more convincing.

  • Missing Company Information: Legitimate businesses readily display their company name and contact details. Posts lacking this information are suspect.

  • Private Messaging: Scammers often initiate contact through private messages, isolating potential victims and making it harder to verify their legitimacy.

  • New Facebook Accounts: Posts originating from recently created Facebook accounts with minimal activity are likely scams.

  • Unrealistic Promises: Beware of claims like "unlimited vents and ducts for one price." Reputable companies provide transparent pricing based on specific needs.

  • Unusual Language: Scammers may use peculiar phrasing like "kindly message me" or request personal information like asking to provide your ZIP code. These are red flags.

Stay Safe:

  • Research Before Committing: Before engaging with any service provider, research their online presence, including reviews and licensing information.

  • Seek Recommendations: Ask friends, family, or neighbors for recommendations from reliable duct cleaning companies.

  • Beware of Upfront Payments: Legitimate companies rarely require full payment upfront. Be cautious of requests for deposits before services are rendered.

  • Trust Your Gut: If something feels off, it probably is. Don't hesitate to walk away from deals that seem suspicious.

By being vigilant and recognizing these red flags, you can protect yourself from having a stranger who is not affiliated with a reputable business, enter your home under false pretenses putting your family and property at risk!

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