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Welcome To The New All Clear DVC Blog Page!

Updated: Mar 15

Hello and thanks for stopping in to check out our new blog! Here you will find accurate, up-to-date information regarding dryer vents. You may say ..." Dryer vents!? What an ULTRA boring subject!" Actually, on the contrary - it's actually a pretty interesting & reasonably technical subject (and this is coming from a gal that knew nothing about home ductwork maintenance when she co-founded the company with Dan Millman eight years ago.)

Over the years, I have talked to virtually every one of our customer at one time or another. I've found that a LOT of the conversations have had that "ground hog day" feel. So I thought a blog would be a great way for us to educate and inform home owners and businesses alike, about the dangers of not maintaining a dryers venting system, along with how and when regular maintenance should be performed & the benefits of doing so.

Let me quickly introduce our current blog writing staff - ME! My name is Kelly Anderson (aka - LADY LINT!) and I am the Vice President and Business Manager of All Clear Dryer Vent Cleaning of Kansas City. As I mentioned, I've been around since the company's inception in December of 2015. Since then, we've put in a lot of hard work, long hours and done some serious nail biting along the way - but we've had lots of fun too! It's been personally satisfying for both of us to see, what were just ideas racing around in our heads, manifest into a real business that has received lots of love and accolades from our local community over the years. I know Dan and I are both so grateful for the good will and trust people have extended to us, by allowing us the privilege to come in their homes and provide a service we're proud to perform. ;)

So THANK YOU to our KC community for your continued patronage of our small (yet mighty!) business and for stopping by to check our our new blog! Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have questions or comments. Have a blessed day!


Dan Millman and Kelly Anderson
Dan Millman & Kelly Anderson

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